Wealth Strategies Customized Exclusively for Sophisticated Individuals and Families

We deliver comprehensive planning and sophisticated investment advice to help a select group of affluent clients preserve wealth and optimize after-tax returns.


To do so, we take the time to understand your complete financial picture, including your family and lifestyle, assets, income requirements, risk profile, estate and legacy goals, tax situation, business, and real estate interests, and philanthropic pursuits.


We then devise a tailored, fully integrated plan and investment strategy backed by a robust set of solutions designed to meet your goals – from public securities to alternative investments and private deals sourced and curated through our network.


We also collaborate with your other providers – including your CPA, estate attorney, and other advisors – to centralize and coordinate your financial life.



Protect, Control and Optimize Your Wealth

We work with select clients who have amassed significant levels of wealth — and we intimately understand the complexities involved in preserving and growing that wealth for future generations.


That is why we align everything we do to help you simplify life and protect the legacy you have worked so hard to build. We do so by delivering tailored planning, comprehensive investment solutions, and highly personalized service.


We are here for you at every step of life – leveraging our in-house team and capabilities to help with everything from estate and tax planning to liquidity events for your business to working through marriages, divorces, and generational planning to navigating the essential cash flow needs for your lifestyle.


We also go above and beyond through our concierge-level services. We provide access to a full spectrum of preferred partners specifically chosen to meet your needs, including specialty asset services, lending, retail banking, insurance, bill pay, managing captive insurance programs, and more.


Aaron Wealth Advisors applies the advantages of donor-advised funds to support our enduring commitment to local communities and charities and to assist our clients in supporting their own interests.


The Aaron Wealth Advisors Philanthropy Fund has been established as our instrument for corporate and employee engagement. We are proud to afford our senior employees the opportunity to donate $5,000 a year to a charity of their choice.