Welcome to the Aaron Wealth Liquidity Execution Group

The Liquidity Execution Group was founded to support and manage the process of selling a privately-owned company. Our background, from investment banking to a proven track record of developing and selling companies, offers our clients the differentiated perspective that comes with seasoned experience. We methodically build, support, and advise the entire transaction team to deliver a holistic, bespoke solution – which includes deal-related negotiations, structuring, legal work, valuations, pre-transaction tax planning, development of a buyer group, as well as the seamless integration of post-close family office services.

The Liquidity Execution Group plays a crucial role in the inception of our clients’ family office. The significant wealth generated by our clients through the sale of their privately-owned companies demands a family office structure that can manage and protect their financial legacy for generations.

Gary Hirschberg, J.D., CTFA CEO & Founding Member

A Specialized Team of Advisors

Because every transaction is unique, our team tailors each component of the deal to the specific goals and objectives of our client, from aligning the process with the motivation for a sale to the assembly of a working deal team, identification of a buyer group and coordination of post-deal wealth management.

Building a successful enterprise requires a highly skilled individual willing and determined to run a gauntlet of enormous risk, countless sacrifices, and tireless effort. And, when the time comes, reaping the rewards of this hard work can be a life-changing event with generational impacts. Understanding this, the Liquidity Execution Group’s core mission is to leverage the deep expertise of our dedicated team in the pursuit of achieving the best outcome for our clients, rather than focusing simply on transaction execution.

Tax and legal services are provided by an unaffiliated third-party provider.

Aaron Wealth Liquidity Execution Group is an affiliate of Aaron Wealth Advisors and does not provide investment advisory services.