Comprehensive Services, Without Institutional Constraint

We are here for you at every step of life – leveraging our in-house team and capabilities to help with everything from estate and tax planning to liquidity events for your business to working through marriages, divorces, and generational planning to navigating the essential cash flow needs for your lifestyle. We also go above and beyond through our concierge-level services. We provide access to a full spectrum of financial solutions and preferred partners specifically chosen to meet your needs, including specialty asset services, lending, retail banking, insurance, bill pay, managing captive insurance programs, and more.

Integrated Family Office Services

Our holistic approach combines expertise and a deep understanding of your goals to create a tailored investment strategy. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including public securities, alternative investments, and carefully curated private deals sourced through our extensive network.

Our integrated approach focuses on implementing strategies that safeguard your family’s future and legacy. We work closely with you to develop personalized plans for wealth transfer, income tax optimization, and legacy planning designed to achieve your goals and execute on your vision for generations to come.

We believe in empowering you with knowledge to make informed decisions and protect your financial well-being. Our dedicated team identifies and evaluates potential risks, working to minimize losses and insulate you against unforeseen events. From liability planning to income tax considerations to concentrated stock positions, we cover all aspects of risk management. We offer a range of insurance options, such as property and casualty, disability, life, asset protection, and long-term care coverage.

We provide detailed and personalized financial reports tailored to your unique situation and needs. Our reports encompass key drivers such as net worth, estate balance sheets, public and private investment performance, and cash flow.

We offer two distinct financial consulting services to cater to your specific requirements. Our discretionary investment management allows us to make investment decisions on your behalf, leveraging our expertise with the goal of maximizing returns. Additionally, our non-discretionary consulting focuses on your total net worth, including assets held outside our direct management, providing comprehensive guidance to optimize your financial standing.

Whether looking for in-depth financial advice, consultation on private transactions, or guidance on the transition of your business, our specialized expertise can offer a tailored solution.

Bill Andrakakos, CFA, FRM President & Chief Investment Officer

Aaron Wealth Connect

Aaron Wealth Connect enables you to securely collaborate with Aaron Wealth Advisors at any time, from any place. Aaron Wealth Connect ensures that all collaboration is secure, private, and compliant.