Aaron Wealth Advisors (“Aaron Wealth”) announced today that it has created an Impact Advisory Board. The Board is responsible for bringing together like-minded individuals from different walks of life with the intent of being a sounding board for impact and environmental, social, governance (ESG) investing-related themes that affect their clients, global society, and the planet.

The Impact Advisory Board was established at Aaron Wealth to effectively source private impact investments, discuss industry trends, and to bring about a diverse set of opinions to topics related to this space. In addition, the board will provide an opportunity for leaders to brainstorm their own questions and ideas in a welcoming environment. Besides Gary Hirschberg and Bill Andrakakos from Aaron Wealth, the board welcomes the following volunteer members:

  • Doug Scott, CEO and Co-founder of Ethic
  • Kimberly Venable, Business Development at Addepar
  • Jennifer Rhodes, Partner at Ice Miller
  • Todd Thomson, Chairman and Co-founder at Dynasty Financial Partners
  • Nick Gerace, Senior Vice President of Investments at Dynasty Financial Partners
  • Rev. Joseph L. Morrow, Pastor at Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago

“This has been a particular mission of mine since launching an independent Registered Investment Advisor: to help clients who would like to align their investments with their values and create a sustainable future,” said Gary Hirschberg, CEO and Founding Member of Aaron Wealth Advisors. “Our goal is to become the preeminent advisor for those looking to leverage their wealth to make a positive impact.”

According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, global sustainable invested assets in the five major markets stood at $30.7 trillion at the start of2018, a 34% increase in two years2. Todd Thomson, Chairman and Co-founder at Dynasty Financial Partners, added: “This is an exciting and unique opportunity to join a group of individuals who are passionate about impactful investing, and helping to align clients and their values. I am very proud to be a part of this inaugural advisory board and share my own perspective on ESG/impact themes.”

Aaron Wealth’s broad platform offers intelligently designed and impact-minded ESG investing solutions for the firm’s clients, utilizing various sources of partnerships to ensure their clients are offered a wide array of institutional investment solutions. It also offers impact investing consulting services across asset classes for individual investors, as well as foundations, endowments, and other non-profit institutions that seek to connect their values with their investments.

“We expect to have quarterly calls during which we will collectively explore various topics, both to discuss the evolving landscape in the socially responsible investing world and to share feedback on specific investment opportunities for our clients,” added Hirschberg. “I am honored that these individuals have volunteered their time to help support this unique and inaugural board.”This latest announcement from Aaron Wealth comes on the heels of an impressive growth year that saw the firm surpass $600 million in assets under advisement. In addition, the firm is quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of its official launch in September 2018. Aaron Wealth is also a member of Dynasty Financial Partners’ Network of independent financial advisory firms.

About Aaron Wealth Advisors

Aaron Wealth Advisors is an SEC-registered independent advisory firm, dedicated to helping sophisticated individuals, multi-generational families, family offices, and institutions manage the complexities of their wealth. Through the integration of quality offerings, Aaron Wealth Advisors provides clients with institutional-level solutions and services, while delivering a highly customized and personalized service. In addition, they offer a broad platform of intelligently designed and impact-minded ESG solutions for clients who wish to align their investment objectives with their values.

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1 Registration of an investment adviser does not imply any specific level of skill or training and does not constitute an endorsement of the firm by the Commission.
2“2018 Global Sustainable Investment Review”, Global Sustainable Investment Alliance