As I’m sure many of you are familiar by now, a tragic and hateful attack transpired in Pittsburgh today. The regularity and heinousness of these atrocities have unfortunately become all too familiar. However, this particular event has impacted me, my family, and my community more acutely.

I am proud to be a board member of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and head of its investment committee. HIAS is the preeminent secular refugee organization in the United States – it is based in Jewish values and history, but it continually strives to help the most vulnerable of our fellow human beings regardless of their faith or background. While I wholeheartedly believe in the everyday importance of this work, today its significance was brought into even greater focus because a man took the lives of innocent people while blaming HIAS and its mission.

My family and Aaron Wealth believes strongly in fighting back against this hatred and bigotry with greater compassion, generosity, and love for those most marginalized. Through an unabated effort to stand tall in the face of injustice, we seek to eradicate the evil of the world and make sure no one has to suffer like those today.

Today, we have committed $10,000 to HIAS to continue the important and necessary services that they provide. We choose to respond positively in the face of this atrocity so that something good may come of it. We hope you will join us in saying that we believe in a world of more kindness by donating to HIAS and making a statement against this hate.